Lite-On LTR-48125W $59.99 free S/H

Go here:

for a Lite-On LTR-48125W for $59.99 with free shipping and handling from I like them because they’re inexpensive and ship FAST, even when not charging extra for it…

here’s the same drive for $47

and the 52/24/52 for $78

shipping is about 10 dollars

I checked yesterday, and if you don’t care about the retail pack that gives u software, a analog audio cable, brief installation manual, and 4 screws, then u can buy the bulk version, as in only the writer, for $45 bux, still free s/h.

Just thought I’d let ppl know.

Thanks for the info. I prefer They’re fast, reliable, and inexpensive. I’ll go with the shop I prefer and trust. It’s worth the few extra dollars to me.

I don’t really need the cable or Nero but it’ll be nice having the discs. And as for the 52/24/52, no way-- $31 more for a few seconds is too much for me, especially when I’ve never seen media for those speeds anyways.

I’ve noticed quite a few people list their systems. Here’s mine. Is it pretty good?

MSI KT3 Ultra2 (VIA KT333)
AMD Athlon 1.0 GHz
512 DDR RAM (2100)
Western Digital 30GB HDD (ATA 100)
Diamond SupraMax 56K
3Com NIC
Belkin USB 2.0 (2 port) + 4 USB 1.1 ports
Lite-On LTD-163 (GH5E)
Philips PCRW804 (2,5) soon to be Lite-On LTR-48125W

Oh yeah,

2x 256 PC2100 DDR (512MB DDR RAM)
Win XP Pro
Logitech cordless freedom mouse+keyboard
On-Board 5.1 channel sound

Am I forgetting anything else?

I like your mobo, a KT333. But I don’t get why u r using a T-Bird instead of a Athlon XP. Using PC2100 instead of PC2700 doesn’t really matter that much, so that’s good.

Btw I got my 48126S for $64 after s/h, and its going to be a 52246S as soon as the firmware gets out.

I’m using a T-Bird because I’d rather get rid of my 8/4/32 PCRW804 than get a chip that’s only 50% faster. I’ll get an XP chip when they’re somewhere around $60 for at least 1.75GHz.

As for CDRW speeds, I’m thinking media will take a while to catch up to 52/24/52 so I’ll save the extra $30 for Cjristmas for my kids…

As for CDRW speeds, I’m thinking media will take a while to catch up to 52/24/52 so I’ll save the extra $30 for Cjristmas for my kids…

Actually right now, with my 48126S with a 2S0D firmware, I can write on the cheapest CMC media (costs about $8 for 50pk), suppose to be 32x certified, at 48x, and when ran on CD Speed, there is no error no matter what writer I used to test it. Just shows that certified speeds ly, CD-R medias are gettin better, and writers are gettin better in quality.

Btw, I always feel really small when ppl say dey got kids on dis forum when I’m still in high school. :slight_smile:

buy from newegg even if you pay few bucks more.
they have a great customer service.

my personal experience with
was horrible.
wrote about 3 emails and never got a reply.
they say they open at 9:30 (customer service),
i call them at 11:00 and they’re not there.
finally i spoke with a sales rep who didn’t speak
english. ah~!
i will never shop from them again.
what you pay is what you get.
buy from a decent online/retail shop even it
costs more.
that’s my advice.


That’s just a lil bad luck, my friends get em all the time, my experience with dat store was good. I never really care for what the store name is, I just search what I want from, and get the first ones that peak my interest. I haven’t had a misorder yet, I guess I’ve been lucky. :slight_smile:

An LTR 48126S is $58 with FREE Fed Ex from Newegg. Bought one today.

I bought a 40125S from for $55.99 with free second day Fed Ex shipping. Was shipped withing 24 hours too. Ordered Wed afternoon here Friday. Good service.