Lite-on ltr-40125s writting quality?

Hi everybody,
I’m thinking of buying this lite-on, but i’m suspicious about it’s writting quality. I woun’t use smart-burn, because i like to burn at lower speeds (especially for audio). Does this lite-on work good at low speeds such as 8x, with smart-burn off.
Does CloneCD let you to turn off smart burn, it’s very important for me because this program is my favourite and I use it a lot. I heard that with smart-burn off lite-on ltr-40125s make’s mistakes. Is that true? Please help me to make final decision. Thank You.

P.S. What’s the difference between lite-on ltr-40125s and ltr-40125w?

I don’t know where these things about Smart-burn are coming from but I think dey are unwarranted. My other pc has a Lite-on 32x overclocked to 48x and it works great. I use generic crappy 32x light green dyed 80min CDRs, burnt at 32x. once in awhile I scan some random burnt material with Nero’s CD Speed to check the quality, well guess what, no errors. As long as your pc is fast enough there is virtually no chance for the CDRW to even use smart-burn, unless you do an on-the-fly copy with a CD drive that’s on the same IDE cable. And I don’t see why there would be a problem with low speed if there is none with high speed. And last, there is absolutely no reason to turn smart burn off, even if its used, it would only be there to prevent ur cd from turning into a coaster, NEVER DISABLE IT. I don’t really know the diference, I think the s version is overclockable tho.

Hope this helps

someone just posted test results on another thread/forun showing that slow burn speeds actually increased the errors on a 40x drive compared to 32x. You just have to drag some people into the 21st century.
If you want slow burns speeds, buy a slow speed burner! there are plenty of old 8x Plex Writers around.

Yea, and they cost cheaper too. But really don’t replace your CDRW from like 32x for a 48x just for that 30sec shave, but 32x is always better than 8x, cuts off like 6mins. Get a CDRW with a balance of price, performance, and features.