Lite-on ltr-40125s writting quality?

Hi everybody,
I’m thinking of buying this lite-on, but i’m suspicious about it’s writting quality. I woun’t use smart-burn, because i like to burn at lower speeds (especially for audio). Does this lite-on work good at low speeds such as 8x, with smart-burn off.
Does CloneCD let you to turn off smart burn, it’s very important for me because this program is my favourite and I use it a lot. I heard that with smart-burn off lite-on ltr-40125s make’s mistakes. Is that true? Please help me to make final decision. Thank You.

P.S. What’s the difference between lite-on ltr-40125s and ltr-40125w?

why bother buying a 40x writer if you are going to burn at 8x…I live in the US and therre was a post for a 16x writer for $20 at another website…

I need this 40x lite-on, because it has a very powerfull laser. This means that it will work very good and long. Audio quality at low speed with such laser should be very good very (especially in car audio). Is there a possibillity to absolutely get rid of smart-burn. This lite-on has plextor parts(I know it). Maybe some plextor firmware could help disabling this
smart-burn ?

nealh :
why bother buying a 40x writer

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millenium :
This lite-on has plextor parts (I know it)

How do you know it :confused: Would you please share your knowledges with us.

Abou this plextor thing. If you’ll open this lite-on, near the laser you can read this thing “Made in Japan. Plextor”. Still tell me about disabling this smart-burn thing.

  1. OK, I’ll check it out . I haven’t run into anything like that so far - may I send you a picture of how it looks inside ?

  2. In CloneCD’s Write Settings you can uncheck Buffer Underrun Protection,
    which relates to your drive.

The message says :
The Option enables the “Buffer Underrun Proof” or “Just Link” function of your CD-Writer.
Not all CD-Writers offer this. With this option turned on,
buffer underruns are impossible.

A very useful info is here as well :

It’s, of course, up to you how you treat your soft- and hardware.

And in my mind CloneCd Forum is a more right place to be regarding your worries.

Why do you want to disable SMART-BURN?

When SMART-BURN is enabled you could write at all speeds down to 4X.

There is no need to disable it to get the lover speeds. The only benifit of disabling it is to write at higher speeds than the media supports…no need to disable it if you want to write at lower speeds.

I’ve searched through my whole Lite-On and there is no parts made by plextor in there. (And if I’m right plextor do not make any parts theirself, they only buys from others and designs PCB/layout/firmware and manufactures the drives…but they do not manufacture the components inside).

Thank you very much.