Lite-On LTR-40125S: Will support P-CAV writing and Mt.Rainier?

I just posted the article Lite-On LTR-40125S: Will support P-CAV writing and Mt.Rainier?.

A person that goes under the nickname Jaywalker send us these new pics from a Lite-On LTR40125S drive with ZS0D firmware.

This is what he mentions is new in this firmware…

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When Lite-On initially announced the drive around Fall Comdex time, the drive was listed as a 40x P-CAV drive. It’s very possible that the P-CAV code wasn’t quite ready when the drive was released and they went with Z-CLV instead.

Maybe they got pushed by plextors early 40X release?

That’s very possible. It’s not the first time their drives have hit the market with a few rough edges.

I wonder if they will allow switching of types of burning from ZCLV and PCAV on top of its safeburn etc…

Great news in my opinion:)

It’s all fine and dandy (actually fantastic if it really works!), but where is the firmware?

Its really incredible how such a cheap (money wise of course) drive can actually perform as well or even out perform other drives… My money is now on Lite-On and soon we will see cheap Lite-On DVD burners which is also a great thing…! Go Lite-On!

I understand from Ian the quality of the cd isn’t that good (tho 40x speed part). He will test with other brands so check the cdrlabs forum.

About the writing quality: Maybe there is a reason why the firmware is not not official yet? :wink: Probably needs more tweaking before it’s perfected. To bad I don’t have the drive yet and could test the firmware out myself. :frowning:

Lite-On should get their act together and send OC-Freak his freakin’ burner! :smiley:

What’s this? The TEAC CD-W540E doesn’t have the fastest write times anymore? There goes my review … :wink:

My question is what is the difference between the LTR40125S and the LTR40125W??? Lite-On sends you to the same darn page for specs indicating they are remarkably similar. Maybe one of them is supposed to add support for PCAV in the future and one is not or something??? Anybody have any clue???

Hi there, Just come back from the Chinese dicussion forum of Liteo on at Lite ON web site. I got a reply from Lite On, according to Lite On, ask me to wait for the Firmware release in Download page soon for the Lite On 40X . Also according to Lite on, he comments that P-CAV writing can shorten the CD-R burning time for ten more seconds. Hope the firmware is released SOON.

If only it was a SCSI device :frowning: