Lite-On LTR-40125S vs ASUS CRW4012A?

I’ve settled on these two 40x burners, but they are so close to being perfect I can’t decide. The new Lite-On firmware may push it over the edge in favor of the Lite-On since it can read protected audio discs now, and it supports Mt. Rainer, but the ASUS is the better reader.

So question-- Is the ASUS just a faster reader, or does it actually read more discs than the Lite-On?

I will want a single drive for reading, writing, playing music, extracting perfect audio and everything.

Which is the better drive? (Please, no opinions on the 48x speed ones. I’ve narrowed it to these two.)


If you plan on only using your cdrw drive to play backup’d games, you may want to buy the Liteon. The asus drive (since it is a far superior reader) has problems reading Securom 4.8x backups w/blindwrite or twinpeak methods. If you don’t mind using fixed .exe files (which I don’t condone) then go w/the asus. It is a better package.

How is the ASUS a superior reader? Copying protected audio discs is also a concern for me too.



Well, the latest firmware of LiteOn 40125S can read Key2Audio, Doc.lok and Cactus 200. It fails with Cactus 100 only.

Does the ASUS have anything over the Lite-On now? I know the Yamahas and Plextors have special settings for burning audio CD’s (to reduce jitter, etc.), which neither the Lite-On nor the ASUS claim to have. Is one a better audio writer than the other?

I guess I’m looking for the best package, to include data and audio as well.


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