LITE-ON LTR-40125S SCSI CDrom Burner freezes computer


I am new here and new to this. I don’t know flash from firmware, but what I do know is that my CdRom Drive is having some problems and I can’t seem to find answers anywhere… can anyone help?

Here’s what’s happening:

When I place any kind of CD into the drive, it starts to load and a few seconds later the coputer freezes and I have to manually shut it down and then re-start it. It does this every single time.

My copmuter is a Compaq and is running Windows XP (which I recently upgraded to). I have the Nero program installed, but I do not think it is this that is the problem. My Cd drive is a LITE-ON LTR-40125S SCSI. I’ve had it since I used to use Windows 98 and it never gave me any problems until recently. The only new things done to it, were dowloading firmware (not really sure about what that is) from the manufacturer’s site and, of course, the installation of Windows XP.

Because of this problem, I can’t even burn any CDs anymore! boo-hoo… can anyone, please, please, please, help?!?

Would be much appreciated! Thanks! :bow:

sweetgherkins :confused:

ok first the 40125s is ide not scsi

next try safe mode and see if you experience a lockup.

my guesses in order:

  1. “problem” cd
  2. burning or packetwriting software

try safe mode in xp as you can still access cdroms in xp safemode. if it locks then i am guessing a bad cd.

oh yesssssss… recently running win98… i am betting that you had roxio or adaptec burning software? direct cd will kill xp everytime it trys to access…

You don’t have your burner on a ATA controller card do you? Device manager will show it like attached image.

Optical drives on controller cards are known to cause problems. Are you doing that?

Thanks for all your guys help!!! Will try out your suggestions and let you know if they work!!!

kwkard – I think tha tis what is happening with mine cause I viewed your pic and it looks similar. Gonna see what’s up with it.

If anyone has any more ideas, let me know. Thanks!


What you probably need to do is move your liteon drive to the motherboards ide connectors.

u can also disable the autorun of the cd… This could let you put a cd in it without freezing. Then try to launch a program with it…
You can start drwatson to see if there is a generated error.

are you in SP1 ?

what cd burning software are you using and is any packet writing software installed?

Thanks for all this help everyone!!!

BelSteak - hmmm… well, we’ve tried disabling the autorun and it still freezes up. I tried the drwatson utility and it says “No Faults Detected”. And, yes, SP1…

cnlson - software is realplayer, nero and roxio. I don’t believe there is any packet writing software installed.

kwkard - i told my boyfriend about that and he thinks it’s something to try.

we’ll let you know what happens…



In the past nero and roxio have been known not to get along together on the same system. Personally, I would ditch roxio, for the far superior nero, and see if that solves the problem.

Actually, I don’t think the software or CD are the problems, I think it is something wrong with the actual drive – like you said earlier. The reason I think this is because it doesn’t matter what CD we pop into the drive, it still freezes & there are no programs set as defaults when a CD drive is put in use. Whether it is a music CD, data CD, program, game, picture CD, movie… it always freezes the comp. Must be a hardware issue? What do you think? :confused:

no really i don’t think it is a hardware issue. roxio loads directcd which will cause lockups…

did you try safe mode? if not then you really don’t have an idea fi it is hardware or software.

might want to try booting to a cd which i bet will be fine also. or you can just replace it and the new drive will act the same way if the software is the issue.