Lite-On LTR 32123S question

I am wondering if the modified firmware upgrade is better than the one I have now. I am currently using the “S” version and it works good but lately new disks have been giving me trouble. :confused: I know this is an old drive but it has been so good to me :bow: that I don’t want to replace it with a new one yet. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Updating to XS0Z would be a good idea. I wouldn’t recommend using the 40x update.

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile: I was wondering is there a problem with the 40X upgrade? Does it not work right or something?

Burn quality sometimes leaves a lot to be desired. Besides, XS0Z is a bit newer, IIRC.

Personally, I find XS0X to be the best for my drive and discs.

I tried the 40x hack years ago and it was unstable and did not always have good quality of burns. I ended up going back to the latest and the drive worked great again and even got PCAV recording like the newer drives. The drive still works fine many years later.