LITE-ON LTR-32123S Not Working - Brand New

It came today, I opened it up and installed it under WinXP.
After booting up windows notified me and i continued to install the driver, it said it was not signed i said “Continue Anyways” and it gave me the correct name and said it installed OK.

Going to NERO Burner it recognizes the drive just fine with correct model number so i get ready to burn something and it pops open the tray and says no media detected. i was using a CompUSA 24x, so i tried the CD-R that came with the Lite-On. Same thing.

I looked on the Lite-On site and it says to use the Default drivers in windows. I got their firmware flash program and my drive has the latest XS0X already installed. so i look at the forum here for media types and read about ForceASPI 1.7 i installed that and everything said OK. then i upgraded to adaptec 4.71 and that said OK. i used the CDR-Identifier program and also the SMARTBURN program from Lite-ON which both are suppoed to show the media types and they both said UNKOWN for every option on both the CompUSA 24x and factory sealed CD-R from Lite-ON.

Why is my burner not working? Please help. :smiley:

It may be defective.

Do it read discs ok?

Tried other writing programs?

If possible, try the writer in another computer.

yes, i think its defective. =(

it will not read cd’s at all, audio or data.

i put it in another moachine here and same thing. that machine was running win98se just to make sure it was not a WinXP issue. it recognized the drive fine but it could not read or write.

this really sucks, i bought it in retail box from an online store and they have a restocking fee on returns i just noticed.

is there a way i can send it to a Lite-On dealer instead for a trade out or something, i cant afford 15% plus shipping. that would be almost half the price of the drive!

do u have your jumper settings set up right when you installed the drive into your pc?

(i.e master, slave)

yes. all settings are good. in bios as well.

i got an rma# today, aparently if you are doing an exchange within 7 days they dont charge you for anything. so it will work out ok i think.