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I started once with my 2 speed recorder, and now we are at the point that 32x CD-RW reviews will be coming out. CDRlabs has posted a review of the Lite-On 32/12/40. Lite-On is known for their very…

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I know it will record SD2. But I just can’t bring myself to buy a piece of shit Lite-on. Had one before because times were hard and I needed a CD-Rom. What a piece of crap it was. Put in my 8 year old’s computer, and he even complained about it. I’ll stick with Plextor. It burns great SVCD’s every time. Even overburns to 89 min. Or 890 megs of data on a 800 MB/90 min CDR.

All right lite-on. While they do have a rocky history, the 24X’s and up are totally plextor-esque at half the price!!!

Ok, I’m gonna say some things here that some people may not like, since many people seem to get personal about hardware for some reason. I have told this story before and been flammed stupid (almost as bad as AMD vs Intel, or Nvidia vs. 3DFx). Between me and a friend of mine, we have owned 4 Plextor drives (2x 32xUltraplexes, 2x 8/4/32 Plexwriters). ALL 4 drives have been replaced under warranty, with the eject button on one replacement unit having fallen off already. Looking at the tray and facing of the 8/4/32, it feels exceptionally cheap. Many people don’t believe what I have just said, and have called me a liar, because like I said, people get personal about hardware. Now onto Lite-On. Not my immediate choice for CD recording up until I read some reviews. I also know a couple people with the drive who love it, so I bought one not so long ago. I am very impressed. I ripped a Max Payne image in 5min 19sec, I can burn 99Min CDs at 24x, the 40x playback seems quite fast, and all for £79. So far I’ve burned about 10GB of DivX stuff, plus many other discs with 100% reliablity. I have to say it also has a higher quality feel about it compared to the Plextor it replaced (it also has a smoother eject system). The way I see it, many companies have made dubious products in the past, much like Skoda who now make quality cars. Only time will tell if Lite-On will earn my trust Plextor had their chance on more than one occasion and failed.

I just brought Ltr-24102B CD writer & I’m really displeased with its operation. I am running Windows XP on my computer, which is a CyberMax pentium III/500MHZ system with 192mb of ram. I have had the drive about two weeks & it it already giving me headaches. When I start my computer the CD tray kicks out all on it’s own & will not go back in. At first I thought I had a hardware conflict, so I decided to remove everything from my computer except the harddrive & it stiil did the same thing! I upgrade from a slower Ricoh drive which was in the exact same slot, so I decided to re-install it & it works like a champ! I decided to do one more test by putting the Lite-On in my other computer which is running on the Windows ME OS. Well so far it is working fine on this system. I think the firmware is incompatible with Windows XP, so you XP user BEWARE! I even went to the Lite-On site & tired to upgrade the software as they recommend but still got the same results as it said I had the latest firmware installed. The reason I brought this drive was for my main computer, now I’m stuck with a dud! I will never buy another Lite-on product, No matter what the review!

i had the same problem change your ide connections put the drive on one all alone and it will work

snookies that message is for u the ide connections

damn, I hoped the S in 32123S stood for SCSI :frowning:

Snookies: this problem seems limited to some motherboards, especially those from abit.

I had a similar problem with my ABIT motherboard. The LiteOn drive was always opening for no reason what soever. I do use Windows XP and do not find any conflicts between my Liteon Burner and the operating system…everything works fine. BTW, I switched my motherboard to an ECS board and now the drive is not opening for no reason anymore. I have been extremely happy with the LiteOn 24102B drive…very fast and very reliable.