Lite-On LTR-2410B only recognised @ 1x

I’m sure I’ve seen this one answered before, but can’t find it.

I’m moving an LTR-2410B to another machine and Nero (any version, tried several) will only write to it at 1x, which is also what Nero Drive Speed wants to set it at (Drive Speed sees the Cd-ROM perfectly, BTW.)

The same burner gives full speed on every other machine in the place.

Possible clue (and second question): Attempting to update Nero to the latest brings an error 'An error has occurred during the copy process (File Name Nero Toolkit\Drive Speed.exe)

Error 32

Please reboot your computer and try again.’

This error turns up with updating ‘any’ earlier version of Nero, not just the one included with the drive, but only on this computer – I’ve tested it on two other machines and it upgrades perfectly every time.

I’m coming to the conclusion that I’ll end up reformatting the C: drive and starting over, which will cause great anguish to its 9, 11 and 12yo owners.

Hi there it looks to me that your burner is oke on other systems so there is nothing wrong with it.
I think it is a problem with the machine.
Question : is dma enabled?

How is the drive connected i mean primary slave, or secondary master/slave?

Check those things.

Greetz exhaust:cool:

Thanks for the reply.

I’ve already checked all that - burner is secondary master, aspi (4.60, the best one for Win 98 SE) is installed and operational, and DMA on or off doesn’t help the problem.

(Just thought: haven’t tried it as secondary slave - might do that.)

The burner was in my backup machine for about four months and might have made six or eight discs - it’s new.

Since I last saw the machine (it lives about a hundred miles away) some-one had been into the BIOS and reset the RAM configuration (which I only found by pulling the battery – he’d also set a password, which didn’t come down with the box…) to the fastest available (it has a mixture of PC100 and PC133 RAM - not usually happy at CAS2 and fastest) and this was upsetting the unit somewhat, but that didn’t fix anything either.

From this, I suspect something else is wrong, for normally pulling the power cord and battery and letting the BIOS die sets it back to default, and it didn’t.

However, it had been working OK with its old burner (a Ricoh MP7083A (read Samsung…)) until it died of some unnatural cause after about six months use.

Hence I confidently expected to be able to just swap burners - no such luck.

Might do some messing about with RAM next…

Thanks again


Did you say you could not clear the cmos, if you do that you must, remove the powercord, the battery, and then shorcut 2 pins with a screwdriver (not a jumpercap some people forget to take it of ,that can destroy your mobo) located near the battery only than your cmos is empty.
Boot your machine, go in the bios and load setup defaults .

Then you can manualy adjust some things for the fine tuning.

Gr exhaust


Well idle your best bet is to “clean install” windows 98!!!

then try it… ill bet odds are u will have less problems :slight_smile:

since you cant even update nero without getting errors etc… that sounds like your pc really needs a clean install of windows 98.
trust me if you have not did that in well over a year it will help your pc ALOT :slight_smile:

even if this dont solve your problem with your burner (which im guessing it will) atleast your pc will be alot better overall and it will have been worth it :slight_smile:

Problem solved!

It wasn’t the Windows installation, after all, but a hardware/firmware conflict.

After setting up a clean installation of Win98SE on a newly formatted HD with only Nero installed, the problem remained.

Then a similar PC came in for attention and I took the opportunity to test the LiteOn in it before it went home again.

Same problem on this one, too.

So I put the burner back in the shop test-bed and it worked as it always had.

As a last resort, I downloaded the latest firmware for the LiteOn (without much hope – it’s only supposed to ‘support more media’, the ‘just do it’ update was already on it) and flashed it.

Stuck it back in the Celeron system and it worked like a charm.

Why is it always the ones you have to fix for free that are the hardest?

I could have upgraded the thing to almost a new machine out of what the time was worth, but at least I learned something, I suppose…

The error during upgrade of Nero was a bit of a red herring - caused by DriveSpeed being run and not shut down again at startup – the installer won’t shut down a running program.

And, yes, I do know how to kill CMOS by removing power cord and battery (after 25 years fiddling with the stuff, I ruddy well ought…) – what I was hoping was that some-one would remember the Gigabyte master password so I could see what the current settings were.

Thanks to those who replied.