Lite-on LTR 24102M

I hope somebody can help. When I play a game on my computer ( Dell desktop 2100 ), which I’ve had for awhile, it reboots. It doesn’t shut down while I’m doing anything else, just during gameplay. Also it seems to be very hot ( cause of prob? ). when I take the disk out it is very hot. This just started, two days ago everything was fine. It does this to any game I play. Hope you can help, thanks :confused:

Notice the info given on a BSOD and check the Event-Viewer.

A reboot because of a heat problem is very likely.

Thanks for the info. Not being up on all this computer stuff what is a BSOD? And how do I check the event viewer?

BSOD == Blue Screen Of Death

Under Administrative Tools you can find the Event-Viewer, also by opening the mmc (even from command promt, run mmc).