Lite-On LTR 24102b

I have a lite on 24102B 5Gs4 from gateway. i tried to install the 5s5a firmware and it said i couldnt and that it only supports the 5s50-5s6z firmware. i have tried looking for the firmware from gateway but nothing exixst. any help would be greatly appriciated. Thank you Jeremy :confused:

That’s probably 'cause you’re using the official .exe firmware from Lite-On. Download either Mtkflash for DOS, or WinMtkflash for Windows, then 5S5A.BIN. Read the instructions for mtkflash/winmtkflash.

I have downloaded the mtkwinflash. i know the correct target drive to select but im having some trouble with the correct source to put in. please help

This should help.

Hmmm, I don’t suppose that you would be able to make a backup of the 5GS4 firmware before you flash, would you? You’d have to use the real mtkflash in DOS to do this as explained here:

I only have 5GS5 for the Gateway OEM…