Lite-on LTR 24102B wont play audio CDs!

I’m running Windows Home XP and when I try to play an audio CD on my Lite-on LTR 24102B drive - a separate window opens and displays all the track numbers. If I click on any of these tracks - If I default to Windows Media Player it responds with an error message that it cannot find the file - if I default to itunes - it simply doesn’t recognise the audio disc at all.

In an ideal world - I want the audio disc to immediately import into itunes. Is this a driver or firmware issue? I’ve updated the latest firmware from the Liteonit site - but still the audio CDs wont play - yet Windows does open up a new window to show the recognised track numbers. Bizarre??

Please help - I’m going insane with this.

Many thanks Evan

Do you have a drive to try as a replacement? I just built an XP Pro rig using the Liteon drive that works fine.