LITE-ON LTR-24102B trouble

Would be grateful for any help in trying to get my burner working again
I cannot burn data, music, etc on CDRs or CDRW’s (many brands). I use Nero 5.5.9, have also tried media players eg. Realone and Windows. It seems to say that I can only burn at 2x or 4x. Everything is fine during burn sequence, red light comes on and stays on and buffer suggests all is well. Only at the very end of burning, if I verify the CD I get ‘verification failed’. If I turn automatic verification off, it says that the burn is successful, but when reinserting the disc it tells me that the medium is empty.
Does this mean that the drive is dying or do I have to do something complicated, eg. changing settings that I don’t understand!
I can fix small problems on my Pc, but its Dads Pc so dont want to get out of my depth, in case I cant get back!
Please please help, I am already v. humbled by the fact that I have come here with such little knowlege :bow:

the drive must be 4 years old, maybe it’s dying… you can try to flash it with a newer firmware:

no joy there, but thanks anyway chok0. Guessing 4years is old age in computer terms now. Probably best to just replace it :iagree:

just look around in the forums. dvd-writers are very cheap now.

@ Diamondo
Welcome:). Just a thought…your drive may benefit from a firmware upgrade or it may be dying as chok0 suggests, but if you are allowed to only burn at 2x or 4x and you are using high-speed cd-r media(like 48x), it might be possible that the discs won’t take the slower 4x burn speed. Your burner should be able to burn them at 24x speed, which is your highest-rated burn-speed for this drive. Is your DMA enabled for this drive and your HDD?

Low speed CD-RW media will hold the speed down, but CD-R does not have a “set” speed, though the drive may enforce a speed related to the code.

If the softwre is only offering speeds that are bad for the drive/media combination, it may be a software issue.

On blue dye media, can you see the difference between the burned and unburned areas?

I’m thinking, “it’s had a good life, let it rest”, a new DVD writer will probably cost less than half what that drive did, and a CD-RW drive will cost less than a CD-ROm did not so long ago.

4 years and a lot of burns, or 4 years and used as a general reader/writer, would be a reasonable life for a drive - cleaning might be a possibilty, but effective cleaning without damaging the mechanism is not an easy task.

Most “cleaning CDs” are either useless, risky, or both, only worth using as a kill or cure, as they can derange the lens suspension.

In the long run, one certain that configuration or software conflicts are ruled out, it saves a lot of aggro to treat the entire drive as a replacable component with a limited lifespan.

I believe the main failure mode is the degrading of the optical path, only some of which can realistically be cleaned.
The laser diode will degrade with use, but that is very gradual

Many thanks all of you. I think you have confirmed the inevitable. Think it’s time to move on, its a had a good life as you’ve said. I will not hesitate to venture into a forum such as this in the future. You are much appreciated :cool: