Lite-on LTR 1653S tray problems



I’ve got my DVD RW drive from Lite on the 1653S… I’ve gotsome issues with the ‘tray’. After I eject the drive, after sometime, it automatically goes inside… Any firmware/alignment problem? And I don’t have the original firmware (lost it), the firmware it got detected automatically was the Windows driver, it works fine… but I’ve got this ‘tray’ problem, No problems with burns! :bigsmile:
an’ one more thing after I finish burning with Nero,after I click ‘DONE’ the tray ejects, goes back in automatically for sometime and again ejects, and this keeps repeating unless I close the NERO app. Is this an alignment/ firware prob. again?
Should I upgrade to latest firmware CS0T?? I’m hesitating to do so, coz’ won’t it affect my drive’s performance? U see it works fine now… I don’t want it to die.

EDIT: DVDInfoPro says it’s CS02 – maybe it was factory loaded in the set itself…


this seems weird; to close automatically seems ok, most units does this in order to prevent using the tray as a tea-cup holder but to eject and then reinsert repeatedly seems like some sort of a joke program - I encountered one program that repeatedly ejected and than inserted the tray but that was a simple command. Try to scan your sistem for some weird program that load at startup.


if your firmware is CS02, you should update to CS0T. this may solve your problem and is also an up to date firmware.


I understand… but isn’t it kinda risky?? It seems OK while burning now…
aand the eject thingie… Could it be a Nero problem?? I don’t think so…
I’ve found out one other thing, while I right click the DVD RW Drive and click ‘EJECT’ the ‘ejects out, goes in again’ syndrome occurs again - repeatedly…
So I presume it’s a software ‘thing’ … You ppl know - did the CS02 firmware revision have this kind of a ‘bug’?


OK - I’ve upgraded to CS0T Firmware and the problem persists…
Now I’ve got some questions… Is this happening because?

  1. I’ve put the 1653S as a slave and my Lite-on CD RW as my master… Can I interchange and see?
  2. Someone told me it happens coz’ of loose IDE cables, Cable not connected properly… Can I try and change that?
  3. Is this a problem with the alignment of the burner???