Lite-on LTR-16102B problem

As I’m somewhat computer dumb, I prefer to ask this question here. For some mysterious reason, I can’t burn CDs anymore tho could some time ago. I tried plugging back in the burner and reseting, tried downloading the drive’s last version, saw the codes in regedit were the right ones according to what read on internet so…am lost. Someone told me it was probably because of Windows updates that I “lost” my CD burner and that I should need to formate my hard disk and do all over again ! Actually, the problem is that the burner can still read an audio CD but doesn’t recognize a CD to burn anymore as it then says “no CD” tho the CD is running wild, sorta, inside the burner, making much noise and even gets stuck, sorta, as very hard to get it to go out of the burner after that. Any help would be most welcome as it’s how I feel :confused: