LITE-ON LTR-16102B can't read right

Ok, I am having some trouble with my LITE-ON LTR-16102B I am able to files and directories off discs, but the disc title will not show up. Also I get an error when I try to access the drive with a cd-r in it (e: is not accessable), and finally when I go into nero it says the drive is in use when I try to burn. I recently installed forceaspi because I was having some trouble reading audio cds, and it fixed it. Anyone have any ideas what I could be doing wrong? I am running Windows XP Pro, with SP1.

Ok, I installed new firmware… that didn’t help either

still looking for some responses

have you updated your IDE drivers ? what operating system are you running ? what version of nero ?


Windows XP Professional w/ SP1
and no have not updated my IDE drivers… but I will now.

if you want to use nero 6 you might want to update it too . I use nero . I would suggest also that you get the newest nero and updates. Nero 6 Fixed alot of different wierd errors in there updates so they are very important to get .


Well, I updated nero, and I installed some new ide drivers. This somewhat solved my problem. I got nero to burn a cd, and windows now recognises cds properly, EXCEPT when I put in a blank cdr… I get this error

I have no idea what could be causing that. Anyway thank you for all the help youve given me so far. Now just one little hurdle left


Can you unistall nero completely . Also you might want ot clean the registry with regclean or there is clean tool on nero ftp site that will clean all registry entires from nero

i cant remember if it is the registry checker or general clean tool.

I think it is general clean tool . well you have to unistall nero and then run general clean tool . And then reboot. After that just go ahead and see if you can access drive or not . Also I would also just change IDE cables with a new one but if it was working before i doubt this would be your problem, but cant hurt .