Lite-On LTR-1602B

I have a lite-on ltr-16102 and everytime i insert a data disc the disc drive just shall i say spits it back out without reading it.

I was wondering if someone could help me with this problemif they can.

I am fairly new to computers so dummy terms would be gratefully appreciated. :slight_smile:

can anyone please help me with the above problem

Perhaps the eject button remains pressed… from your brief presentation it’s hard to figure out… only data discs? dvd videos are played ok?

The ltr 16102B is a old cd-r/rw drive now, my guess is the drive is dead and time to buy a new.

Can the drive recognize a blank cd-r.

i know this is an old drive but still.

I am trying to record on a blank data disc. discs with info are ok it will read them. its only blank discs that the drive ejects without reading

Your CD-RW drive is a 16X drive that was released half a decade ago. The drive will not be compatible with many of the media types available today. I would recommend buying a DVD writer - they are very cheap these days.