Lite-On LTR-12102C

my stupid unreliable drive isnt working anymore for some apparent reason. i put in a music cd, the light flashes forever and pops it out. then i try a blank disc, same thing. and all that i put in it takes out. any one know why?

I wonder if it’s because the drive is just too old. You can try the drive in a different computer to rule out configuration problems. If it does look like the drive is too old, then getting a new 52x burner is fairly cheap. Or you might consider cleaning the lense of the drive, as a lot of times, it’s not really age, but dust buildup.

With a 12x Liteon burner, it’s probably age that killed it.

hmm a new drive might sound interesting. there goes mroe money…

Off topic … I have a functioning 8X Liteon burner, LTR-0841. I am surprised by this long-aged drive. :iagree:

i still have a 12101b… it is the one that converted me to liteon. i still use it now and then for backing up the hard drives of computers that i am fixing for people since it will work with older hardware. some of my newer drives (52246/48161) are not recognized on 486 and early pentium boards