Lite-on Ltr 12101b



I have a Lite On LTR 12101B (reflashed creative 1210E) i have the photo of it's cd speed results. Are thses good results or not? Also i have a few queries. After converting the drive i have noticed a few changes.

1 Before the drive starts to physically write to a disc, it spins like its being seeked three times before actual burning. This never used to happen before. I am wondering if this is a problem or not[/IMG] :confused:

2 Sometimes when a cd is left in the drive, i dont know the circumstances (if cd left in drive then comp restarted this happens or whatever) but the drive keeps reading the cd and doesnt stop. Ejectimng the drive in any way brings up the blue screen asking to re-insert cd with serial number blah blah labeled blah blah in D:

Any ideas?

3 i have a query about DAO/96 writing. All it has done for me is create countless coasters of music discs. Any infomation about DAO/96 would be greatly apreciated

4 i have for soooo long been trying to make a working bckup of age of empires II:age of kings. i have followed clony XXL's settings to the letter. what protection does this game hav (clony says safedisc alt) and could i have the correct settings to burn. i would like to know if my drive can copy this. it has latest firmware and is Primary slave (should i change this) and also DMA enabled

5 Burnproof has changed to smart-burn. Is this bad/good? does it still work? isnt smart burn a cd check to check for crappy media?

Thanx in advance


CDSpeed Results


results are god-awful. I suggest u use same program to burn an advanced DAE disc then use that burnt adv DAE disc as the basis of your read test again.

13x for is simply horrible for a reader. It should be doing around 23x - but then it depends on the audio cd you are testing. If audio cd had 30 tracks for example, the results would be lower. But it still shouldnt be 13x.

DMA is enabled?

If the results after doing the test again is low, then I suggest u find way to flash back to whatever biios came with your drive. Why did u flash it to a liteon in the first place? Just because u can doesnt mean u should…


Yes, DAE reading is locked to 12X with the LTR-12101B
1: It is running an OPC check to ensure that it uses the right writing strategy for the media inserted, a part of the smartburn tecnology.
2: Some program is reading data from the CD for a reason or another. That’s why it’s reading and why it gives you a blue screen when taking out the CD. I have no idea which program.
3: Are you using DAO/96 in Nero? Some drives have problems with DAO/96 with nero. Use normal DAO. DAO/96 means it will also write full subchannel data, and is only useful when backing up protected music/games.
4: Try CloneCD 4 and the default game profile, should work. I’m not sure which protection it has, but you may need to enable “hide CD-R media” in the CloneCD tray icon if you are playing it from a CD-Writer.
5: Smartburn is Lite-On’s burn-proof technology and yes it’s also selects the right write speed and strategy for the media. Check answer 1. Should not make a big difference from Burn-proof.


OC Freak
Is there any way to change it from being locked to 12x extraction?
I thought DAO/96 might be a better write mode to use, obviously not. I did go back to DAO a while ago just wondering about it.
I have clone cd 4 final. i will try hide cdr media when i get the disc back, thanx.
what i was wondering about Smart Burn and BURN Proof is are they firmware or hardware or software kinda fing. like burnproof was it just a part of the firmware oris it actually inside the burner?

I flashed my drive not just because i could but because of the advantages.


The only way to get higher DAE extraction speed is to buy a new drive :wink:

There is no way to get the LTR-12101B to read DAE at a higher speed.

Smartburn/burnproof is both firmware and hardware. A drive with a chipset that do not support it can’t have it. But a drive that have a chipset that supports it must have it programmed in the firmware to work.


So if i do the cd speed test with a data disc it will hae better results?


Yes, data will be read at full 32X.