Lite-on LTE-2410B not reading cd's at all

I have a P3 933, with windows XP and the above mentioned drive. I’m using Nero to burn movie cd’s and the drive won’t read the files on them at all. When you try to look at the files all it shows is the free space left on the cd and NO files at all. If anybody knows anything about this please help me. I apologize if this is a dupe, this is my first post in the forum. BTW, I have the latest software from the lite-on site. Thanks in advance.


So the CD-R disc is not written?

Ok, there is a more recent version of nero at you may give that a try.

But do other types of data work? Writing other files? Is those files readable?

What types of movies is it? DivX? or are you trying to make a VCD?

Make sure that you have not selected “simulate writing”, because then it will only simulate the writing and not write any data to the disc.

Need some more info and then I’ll get back to you.

thank you OC for responding.

I’m going to try the new version of nero, I’ll let you know how that goes.

The cd’s are burned, they have the Divx moveis on them just like I want (I have tried several of them on a friends computer). I haven’t tried any other file types, but I have burned a music cd, but I don’t know if it read it or not—I don’t really care about that I’m just into movies really. And finally I KNOW its not just testing, I make sure its checked everytime and the red light comes on so its burning alright. Thanks again.


Hmm this sounds strange. However, I had a similar problem with that drive! When I burned a cd, and tried to read it in either my Lite-On burner ormy Samsung DVD-drive, it failed. The strange thing was, that I could access the cd, but when I explored it, it was like a hd that was completely empty. I guess that the drives did not tead the TOC from the cd. I seemed however, that this problem was caused by Windows XP. I use it too :wink:
When I burned an audio cd, I could not read it in either the Lite-On of the Samsung, but it worked perfectly in my audiocd-player. You want to know how I solved it ? Well, it’s not really a solution, and I guess it was more of an ‘accident’ than anything else, but I rebooted my system with a written cd-r in each of the drives. When I tried to access both the discs it worked, and every other disc that I have burned so far works just perfectly. Never had this problem again… :confused: :smiley: :cool:

I’ve NEVER had ANY problems reading discs with the Lite-on drives. But I don’t run XP either. I use only W2K PRO.

So maybe this is a XP bug in a way or another?

Did you upgrade og clean install? Upgrade seems to cause more problems than clean install.

I did a clean install, all the way, so I don’t think thats my problem. Thanks again, and I’m going to try the restarting with burnt cd’s in “trick” and see how that does, I’ll let you know. Peace.


Not sure if this helps, but when I first brought my LiteOn, I had similar problems with it…

I found out that it was the CD media giving me coasters - I had used unbranded media (written certified 16x). The problem was affected by the writing speed (obviously because of the crap quality media), I always left it at max and it would mostly give a written but blank disk like yours. I had no problems when writing at 8x though. Or, even better after when I brought better media.

Try different brand disks.

I’ve been using memorex and imation cd’s, so that shouldn’t be the problem.

Truman: Do you mean nero would tell you it was written, but it was AT ALL??? Please don’t let that happen to me, I’ve burned about 200 cd’s with this thing…

thanks again guys.


IT WORKS!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I finally got around to installing that new version of nero, and its money. The drive reads fine, including all the cd’s I burnt on it before. Thank you all so much for your help, and thanks especially to OC-Freak who nailed it on reply one, too bad I was too lazy to do what he said right away:p . Anyways, thanks again, this forum has been nothing short of excellent for me, and I plan on frequenting it for some time to come. Peace.