Has anyone had any experience with this drive? I’m building a new computer and this drive is on sale at newegg for 46.00. I want to go dvd and liteon. This looks like a good deal to me. Anyone have any input on this?

Own that drive and have had no problems with it. Soem peopel say it is a little load but I have alot of fan’s in my case so I didn’t notice. But works great for me.

Yup, have tha 166S and the older 163D. The newer model does whine a bit when you insert a disc. I hear it’s to center the disc, which will make lesser noise at high RPM. Both drives are excellent. Go get it! Region free procedure is the same, but I would recommand using mtkflash for firmware upgrade. I used the official windows based flasher and it killed the drive. As for running Rcped, if it doesn’t work the first time, try it again.

Thanks for the replys guys. Going to order it soon. Along with a few other things.

I’ve had a 166S since if first came out, no complaints. I think its tops!