Lite-On LTD-166S, Audio Static

PROBLEM: Audio static playing DVD movie from LTD-166S.

I installed a new JLMS LTD-166S as the Secondary Master. It replaced a Lite-On LTD-163. The Secondary slave is a Plextor 708A. Sound Card is a Sound Blaster Live! The system is a Dell Dimension 4300 with 512MB memory and P4 at 2GHz. Windows XP Home SP1 and DMA is good on all channels.

Software Player is Power DVD 5.0. I have also used WMP.

The LTS-166S seems fine playing audio CDs. Its fine copying data CDs/DVDs to the hard drive. Its fine ripping audio and video. However, its not fine when you play a DVD Video in which the audio develops some clicks and static. This is not a problem if you play the same movie from the Plextor DVD 708A. Its also not a problem if you use the hard drive as your DVD play source. Its only the LTD-166S. I do not believe its the SB card. It can’t be. The LTD-163 drive that I pulled out and replaced with the LTD-166S did not have this problem.

I will admit that I should have just used the LTD-166S as-is. It was shipped with Firmware DS18. I went ahead and installed Firmware DS1A, which I figured would be the latest. Its straight from the JLMS web site. I also ran the RPC1 app that made it Region Free. I don’t think that’s the problem, do you?

I read this too late, which indicates that DS1A may be bad:

I still don’t know if DS1A is a good or bad Firmware to install. It happens to be the one they recommend on the JLMS web site.

What could it be? Could it be the DS1A Firmware I installed?

If yes, Can I back off to DS18 or should I go to DS31?

Also, are there any problem(s) downgrading the Firmware on the JLMS LTD-166S from DS1A?

yes, u can go back to an older firmware by following instructions here and using mtkflash/mtkwinflash.

I went from the version on the shipped drive, which is DS18 to DS1A.

Now when I run DS18 to go back to what was originall shipped, I get a NO MATCH DRIVE error:


How can that be. It says the firmware is for the above drive and that it can’t find that drive. Then it shows the same drive as detected. Weird!

Is the FLASHFIX utility the one I should be running?


Hi Folks,

More information about the noise injection from JLMS XJ-HD166 to Sound Blaster Live. Seems to also happen on audio CDs. I found a user in the New Egg thread who might have located the problem.

A user replies after buying the drive:

“This drive works very well for DVD ripping - great speeds. However, the analog audio output on mine is flawed. It injects a buzzing sound into the sound card that is propotional to the current spindle speed. I had to disconnect the audio cable to make the buzz go away.”

NOTE: If this is true, I will keep the DS1A firmware in place, remove the analog audio cable that goes from drive to SB card, and set the digital extraction option in the drive properties. I don’t see where its needed for listening to audio CDs or DVDs. I am not sure why Dell went through the bother of installing the cable, which is probably acting like an antenna and sucking up drive spindle noises.

Any comments will be appreciated.