Lite-On LTD-165H DVD 16x/48x-problem



I have a problem with my brand new Lite-On DVD-drive. The player cannot read any media. I have WinXP installed and my MB is Asus A7V-E. When I try to access the media in the drive, XP says: “L:/ is not accessible. The request could not be performed because of an I/O device error.”. My BIOS idenfies the drive to some “J H K …”, windows default to tranfer- type is “PIO only” and when I change it to “DMA” it doesn’t make any difference. I have 4devices attached to my IDE-ports, primary has two harddisks and the secondary has a Acer CD-RW as master and this LTD-165H as a slave. Can anyone help me? Would a firmware update correct the problem?


This looks more like a system error than a faulty reader.

Have you carefully checked cabling etc.?

You might also try removing the drive from Device Manager and letting XP find it again.


A bad ide-cabel was the reason for this problem, thanks for helping.