Lite-On LTD-163 Firmware

Hi i Have the Dvd drive listed in the title and i tryed to up date the firmware with the download they had here and all it did was flash it that was it and now it does read anything at all any help would be appreciated

Where is the problem?

well the problem is all the software did is flash the drive and and didnt install the new firmware so right now i just have a paper weight is there anything i could possibly do other than buy a new drive?

If the flasher has flashed the drive then the “new” firmware were installed.

What flasher/firmware from what site we are talking about?

i got the firmware from here on CD Freaks, it may have installed the new firmware but now my system doesnt recognize the drive at all

Chances are that you have flashed the wrong firmware to the drive.

There are two models of this drive and the both use different firmware.
There is the LTD-163 and the LTD-163D.
Plus there is also an OEM LTD-163 from Dell.

The firmware are not interchangable.

All can be found here…

thanks for all your help guys i had it checked out by my local best buy and it appears i did flash the wrong frimware to the drive now i gots a paper wait … its aight thanks again

That is not true.
You can revive your drive by obtaining the firmware binaries (.bin files) and flashing it with mtkflash in DOS.

Instructions and mtkflash tools can be found here…
You need to know if your drive is on Primary or Secondary as well as if it is a Master or Slave to properly flash in DOS with MTKFLASH. The instructions will cover the command prompts in “How to Flash w/MTKFLASH”.

Binary Firmware for DOS flashing can be found here…

wow thanks it works again thanks alot i even got the correct version of new firmware installed thanks agin you guys are life savers

Glad you got it corrected.
Enjoy it.

Minor correction to the above. The OEM Dell LTD-163 firmware can be flashed on to the normal LTD-163. I’ve done it on mine, it works fine, and disables audio cacheing, which is better for use with EAC. BUT… the LTD-163D is indeed a unique beast, and has it’s own firmware that cannot be used with the other versions, and vice-versa.