Lite-On LTC-48161H Combo

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Lite-On IT was kind enough to send us their latest combo drive; the Lite-On LTC-48161H. We have pretty good knowledge with Lite-On drives, as we have reviewed several of their drives earlier. Lite-On IT is one of the main players in the optical market, Lite-On IT is actually just one part of the large Lite-On company. The Lite-On company produces a lot of different products: keyboards, power supplies and optical drives are just a few of them

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Very good article I must say!

Great test !!! Very good the Advanced tests page is superb with all the copyprotections, even the less used protections like Té¢ges,CD Cops and the new SD2.9 !!! Only missing is SF3 - I know it is hard to find a progam with this protections :wink:

Just be happy that I found tagé¨s and cd-cops protected discs :smiley:

hey for the Blindwrite tests of SD2.8 and SD2.9 what were the Blindwrite configuration…meaning did you have “autoplay enabled???” or “enhance weak sectors??”" if not then this is the drive for SD2.9 without software enhancements:B

OOps, forgot to mention that in the review. Autoplay: DISABLED!!! Enhance Weak sectors: DISABLED!!! Backup works perfect, even in picky readers as the Toshiba SD-M1502.

Could you add those new game tests to the review of Plextor PX-708A (DVD±RW)? I would love to know if it could handle the newer safedisc 2.9 and newer securom. Fantastic review BTW. One of the best I’ve seen.

OC-Freak did test that and the information is available on the Plextor Forum. Here’s a quote from what OC-Freak e-mailed me a while ago:

Tried blindwrite 4.5.7 today. The sims: superstar - backup works in most drives (Lite-On LTD-165H and some others) but not in my default and picky test unit: Toshiba SD-M1502. A perfect backup should work in the toshiba :wink: GTA: Vice city do still not work at all.

sd2.9040 is for SURE a no go with this combo drive

You can’t beat the price on this great little tool. There are plenty of CD/DVD emulators you can pay for. But so far this has done everything i need for free. I use it all the time.

If I remember correctly, some of the jewel-cased TDK has been made by TDK themselves in Luxembourg, and some of the cakeboxed media has also been from MAM-E/Mitsui Alsace.