Lite-on LTC-4816 48X24X48X CD-RW 16X DVD-ROM IDE Combo - how is it?

I was thining of getting this in hopes that it will rip a DVD faster than my Sony 500A (takes 60 mins). Is this a good drive all around? It’s like $70, sounds like a deal and I know the Lite-ons are good CD burners.

Yes, it’s a good unit, very good write quality and speed.

I’ve not tested DVD-ripping speed yet, but expect a review in about 2 weeks here at cdfreaks :wink:

I’m interested too and moreover want to know about no-rip-speedlimit firmware.

So far no Lite-ON drives has had speed locks (like 2x) when ripping DVD’s and this one I think is no exception. But wait for OC-Freaks review so you know definately, I’m just making an experienced guess :slight_smile:

Anyone ripped a DVD with this drive yet? I’m dying to find out if it’s worth the hassle to upgrade or just rip with my Sony 500A. Thanks.

Just ripped Spider Man with this drive. 21min, no extras and level 5 compression using DVD shrink.

I caved in and ordered it for $47 shipped. I read on another forum that it’s a great ripper and can sustain 14x-15x video.

DickArmy pls give us the link to the forum where you read about high speed rip!

It was here:

I just can’t think of the search criteria I used to find it, sorry.

I own one and it rips my DVDs 5-10 min faster then my NEC 1300A Using dvdshrink.

I just got mine installed. It does shrink a bit faster than my 500A, but I realized that it is compressing as it rips, so it’s not doing pure ripping. I will have to do a pure rip to get the rip speed soon. A nice combo drive for $40, I can finally do DVD-to-DVD copying.

I have some results ready for this combo drive.
Nero DVD Speed burst rate : 20.3 MBps
DVD Decrypter VOB file extraction time : 52 sec
Just in case if you are interested for Benq 1232C, LG 4480B, Samsung SW-352 and Sony CRX-300A (all combo drives) the Nero DVD Speed burst rate in MBps was 0.6, 1, 0.8 and 20.2 respectively whereas the DVD Decrypter VOB file extraction time in seconds was 161, 104, 42 and 53 respectively.

I have both LTC 48161H and LTR 52327s drives, and have found that the Combo drive is better at making backups of Safedisc 2.9

The backup made with 52327s drive works only about 7 out of 10 times, whereas the combo drive copy works 100% of the time, and verifies quicker too!

And how do you make it region free?

Use LTNFLASH utility to make the drive region free. Find it on this forum as this file is not available for download anymore.

Grab it while you can.