Lite-On LSC-24082K media rejection

Hey, long time reader first time poster!

My Lite-On COMBO drive has been behaving very strangely and I hope someone can advise as to whether this is going to result in me buying a replacement drive! :a

It’s an internal slimline laptop drive and recently whenever I put in any type of media CD’s/DVD’s/Re-Writable’s it spins up the disc, the read/write light flashes, she shudders and then ejects the disc. This is quite a noticable shudder as the laptop itself vibrates.

Is this a balancing problem or is the motor shot? Is this expected of a three year old drive?

Thankyou in advance for any assitance! :bigsmile:

This can be caused by hardware or software. The first thing to determine is which one. Boot your system with a Windows 98 boot diskette (XP can make these as well) and try to read a data cd-rom disc. If the spinning still occurs and that disc is perfectly readable in other systems, you know that your normal operating system isn’t causing these troubles.