Lite-On LSC 24082K max write speed incorrectly detected

Hi all, I’m brand new to the world of cdfreaks, and I’ve been trying to solve this problem for two days with no help. Here it is.

My DVD-Rom/CD-RW Drive is supposed to have a maximum CD-R write speed of 24x; however, and I’m assuming this is only as of my recent re-installation of windows, windows (and nero, for that matter) only detects it as having a max write speed of 4x. 4x! Obviously this is way too slow. I’ve upgraded the firmware, searched high and low for drivers that don’t exist (it’s an internal plug and play device and i’m running windows xp, so the lite on website says drivers are not necessary), and tried various options within windows and nero to get my max write speed back.

I don’t know what the issue is, so if anyone can fix this (or rather, help me fix it) I’d greatly appreciate it. I’ve removed the drive, uninstalled it, re-installed it, and nothing has helped. The CD-Rs I am using are Memorex 52x, which I’ve used plenty of times before to burn at (generally) 16x.

mikebrns15 at yahoo dot com

somebody around here has got to know what’s going on with this.

and i’ve checked, i don’t have starforce.

you guys can close this. i removed the secondary ide from my system as well as the device, and when i restarted, it detected everything properly.