Lite-On...Looking to buy....Need help



Sup??? I am asking you people because I know that you knwo the best about these drives. I want a good Lite-on capable of copying most games without problems. I dont care for speed much because I already have a fast burner. If anyone can recommend me a good Lite-On (or other) to invest in and why...I would gladly appreciate it. Also if you can supply teh speed and model number of the drive. Thanks. :cool:


If you’re only in it for the copying and don’t care what speed, any Lite-On >16x will do the trick.
So you can choose between

Since you allready have a fast burner I maybe the 24x would suit you? I think 16x is hard to find these days…
Or take any of the 5-series you will get Mt. Rainier and P-CAV.
Let you’re wallet decide! :slight_smile:


Thanks…by the way…what is Mt. Rainier and P-CAV?
sorry…its the newbie in me

also…what is the difference of the 5-series?


All of your questions are answered here
The 5 series is just a newer chipset using P-CAV and supporting Mt. Rainier.