LITE-ON LH20A1H problems with dvdshrink

Need some help. I just got a Lite-On LH-20A1H firmware LL0A and can’t get it to read any Movie DVD while using DVDShrink 3.2. I get the following error message. “DVD Shrink encountered and error and cannot continue. Failed to read file “E:” Copy Protection error - The read failed because the sector is encrypted.” This error occurs after opening the disc and then selecting BACKUP!

I also have Slysoft AnyDVD running, but its RIP video also turns up with errors. DVD Decryper and DVDFab also have problems reading the movie DVD. i have a Philips DVD/RW DVD8631 that works fine with these very same program.

Any ideas??? Thanks

It’s called copy protection. Use DVDDecrypter first then use dvdshrink.

I tried DVD Shrink, DVD fab, DVD clone and AnyDVD and they all error out during the copying of any DVD i place in to the drive. I starts to read the DVD, but then errors out. I was able to copy the DVD on another drive that i have, but not the LITE ON drive. Any other suggestions? Perhaps a different firmware? It sounds like this drive has some new or different copy protection feature. Am i right?

There was a problem with AnyDVD and Liteon firmware a while ago, was this ever fixed by either Liteon or Slysoft?

The symptoms were exactly as you are seeing here, reporting encryption part way through a shrink directly from DVD.

i also tried dvd decryptor and it also just errors out.

DVD Decrypter isn’t supported anymore, try DVDFab HD Decrypter from DVD Idle, go to Download, then Free links.

What version of Anydvd are you using? Uninstall dvdshrink 3.2 and just try to run anydvd and see what message it comes up with. Supposly the newer version of anydvd is suppose to work better with anydvd but that will in large part depend on what version of Anydvd you have? If still problem with anydvd just uninstall anydvd as well then reinstall anydvd and go from there. How do you mean ““i have a Philips DVD/RW DVD8631 that works fine with these very same program”” ? That doesn’t tell us much? And also can you liteon play the dvd and what dvd movie program are you using if you have one? Also when in the process does that error message come up?

Might want to edit that :slight_smile:

I agree to try DVD Fab HD Decrypter - I use DVD Fab Platinum with my LH-20A1H and have had no problems. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the heads up. I uninstalled AnyDVD, which was the most recent version, rebooted and then was able to run DVDShrink 3.2 with out any problems. Apparently Slysoft & Liteon are not on the same page just yet.

Thanks again.