Lite-ON LH20A1H-have to reset power to detect dvd!? HELP!

I bought an external enclosure and put my Lite-On LH20A1H in it, using the USB 2.0. The system (WinXP pro) detects it fine in device manager, but shows as DVD-RAM drive in explorer or my computer.

If i insert a dvd the lights goes on, blinks, then does nothing, still showing DVD-RAM in explorer and not the name of dvd or movie. When i shut the power off to on the External Enclosure, the light blinks on the burner and it detects the movie just fine!!! What the h3ll!!!

This happens the same with Nero when inserting blank dvd’s, i have to turn it off and turn it back on to detect the blank…

Any ideas?!!!

Sounds like it might be a compatibly issue with the external enclosure chipset and the
Liteon LH20A1H and yes it will always show up as a DVD-RAM drive in explorer and in
my computer my 20A1S and 20A1p flashed to BenQ DW2000 show up as DVD-RAM
drives in explorer and my computer so nothing wrong there. :wink: