Lite-On LH-2B1S - Post your scans here

Verbatim DVD+R 16x @ 12x
MCC 004
Burning time: 7m:09s

Verbatim DVD-R 16x @ 12x
MCC 03RG20
Burning time: 7m:22s

MCC004 was limited at 12X, and a slooooow P-CAV :eek:
Fortunately, a good quality burn. I hope future firmware would improve writing time. Thanks, Jan.

12X is the max write speed for DVD+R and DVD-R.

I think there is no other Blu-ray drive at the present time, which will burn DVD+R/-R media at 16x or 18x speed. :wink: :flower:

It seems the best dvd burner in comparison to the others blu-ray drives.
What do you think about this? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I misunderstood it as a 20X DVD drive. :o

Anyone have any info. on the controller in this drive. I don’t have one but I’m looking at the BW1000 and the SPD7000 which I think are the same as the LH-2B1S…I hear it is a Philips chip…anyone know the number?

According to my papers the Philips SPD7000 and BenQ BW1000 should use the:

And as the Lite-On LH-2B1S seems to be based on the Philips/BenQ Blu-ray TripleWriter, it should also use the mentioned chipset.

so liteon finally using benq technology? too bad it’s for bluray.

maybe they’ll combine benq/liteon tech for ownage quality and speed (ie benqs short leadin with liteon’s short lead out)

Thanks [I]Jan70[/I] for scans posted. :clap:
Nice to see Nexperia chipset is still up and kicking, now also under Lite-On label. :bigsmile:

Sorry [I]El_Mariachi_X[/I], it’s not about BenQ’s techonology and never been. We are talking about [B]Philips/Nexperia[/B].

but didn’t benq use philips chips?

As I think you already know the answer of your question, I will still give you an answer.

Yes, BenQ has been using the Philips Nexperia chipset technology as a result of the PBDS (Philips BenQ Digital Storage).

The Nexperia Chipset itself is made by the Philips founded NXP Semiconductors company.

Even though Lite-On IT has acquired BenQ’s storage-related assets, this should not affect the PBDS. PBDS announced earlier that they will continue to design and develop optical drives, while Lite-On will manufacture the drives instead of BenQ.

Further, POS (Philips Optical Storage) conducts extensive product development activities in The Netherlands, Germany and in Taiwan at PBSD. POS also operates manufacturing facilities in Hungary, Taiwan and Ukraine.

So let us get back to the topic. :iagree:

TDK DVD+R 16x @ 12x
Burning time: 7m:09s