Lite-On LH-20A1S/L - Post your scans here

HP -R 16x
CMC MAG.AM3 @20x

Mitsubishi +R 16x
MCC004 @16x

but the scansion they go made at 4x or 8x whit the LH-20A1H? :confused:

The forum standard is 8x but unfortunate Nero CD/DVD Speed will only do jitter scanning at a slow 4x. :frowning:

2601, looks like a good drive. :slight_smile: Thanks for the scans. :flower:

Verbatim +R 16x
YUDEN000T03 @20x

Mitsubishi -R 16x
MCC03RG20 @16x

My drive loves the Verbatim MCC004 +R disc’s but I think it hates the TYGO3 -R disc’s here is some scans of both
disc’s funny thing is it will not do the jitter test on -R @ 4x

Both disc’s were burned @8x

is this drive going to better somehow than the crappy LH-201AH I had before

I got sucked in by liteon and it was the worst drive I ever had…coasters on good media, LS would lock the drive to 6x burning

I want a SATA drive and would like the 20x speed but …

Okay I didn’t see this thread before hand and I started one of my own but I’ll
post a link to my scans here and post any new ones here also. It seems like to
me my drive likes +R media a lot more than -R media.

Mods feel free to either merge this with the other thread or close this one. :slight_smile:

nealh, sounds like you just got a bad drive. I get excellent results from my 20A1H using good media and even quite acceptable results using fake media. Jitter results are also very good with the 20A1H.

Anyway, back to the 20A1S. :wink: I’d be interested to know what sort of burst rate this drive reports, if someone could be so kind as to check it. :flower:

The burst rate is around 60 MB.

Ah, nice. Thanks ala42. :flower:

Here is my average burst rate with the 20A1S 68 - 69
Some more media scans to follow

Verbatim branded
burned @ 16x
lead in time: 54 seconds
total burn time: 6:02

Still can not get any -R disc to do a jitter test @4x

Nope…I had the same problems many members were reporting…used LL05 fw

maybe the drive is better but I was not impressed …as compared to the H22N/1655 it was an inferior drive on the same media at same burn speeds

not sure if the Liteon SATA will be a better drive than Samsung SH S183L

Verbatim branded
PAP6 MCC 004 +R
Burned @12x
lead in time: 34 seconds
total burn time: 7:05

First disk @16x did the same thing on this drive as they do on my 20A1P and
160P6S drives @16x, 12x, or even 8x most of the time using the PAP6 Verbatim’s
at least this drive did burn it at 12x :clap:

Hard to believe it will be any better because the “S” optical hardware and main chip is the same as in “P” drives.
And UDMA-5 interface just doesn’t matter for 20x burns.
Linky, use Babelfish to translate from japanese to english.

But then we always have C0deKing tweaking firmwares, so you never know. :smiley: