Lite-On LH-20A1S-15, is this drive any good

I bought a Lite-On LH-20A1L a while ago which is a piece of junk. most discs don’t burn well. I need to get another SATA drive so I’m looking at the LH-20A1S. I’m not sure or the different variations of this model but the one I’m looking at is the LH-20A1S-15. Is this drive any good? I looked at the mini review but the scans in this review seem to have been made by the LH-20A1P. Also, by some of the comments in this review it seems that this drive is no better. can anyone cofirm that this drive either works with most media, particularly the TY watershields, or is it junk. The LH-20A1L that I have will burn the TYs at very slow speeds (6x) but the quality is poor. I just got the BL06 so maybe this will help. I’ve been trying to deal with the bad burning but I just burned several audio CDs and every one of them skip. I burned the same discs with my old NEC drive and they work perfect.