Lite-On LH-20A1P won't spin-up certain commercial DVDs

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I just installed the Lite-On LH-20A1P DVDRW into my computer and it works great! However, certain DVD titles like Epic Movie, Fast Food nation, Pursuit of Happiness, and The Devils Rejects will not spin-up (be recognized). These DVD titles are brand new with no damage. Upon insertion, the Lite-On makes quick spinning noises and then just stops spinning. There are no error messages and Windows explorer has no indication that there is a disc in the player. However these DVD titles can be recognized and will play in my Dell Laptop, which has a Sony DVD player. The Dell laptop also uses Cyberlink PowerDVD to play the movies. My computer uses the supplied NERO software. What is the problem? Thanks Jasin

I have a liteon dvd that came with a gateway machine that won’t play ‘epic movie’. It has the same symptoms that you describe

It is a liteon ATAPI DVD WDH16W1PLG12

I can’t seem to find a liteon us website and the international one I found doesn’t seem to have firmware or any other support or upgrades. i would hope that a firmware upgrade would fix this, but don’t know where to find one. Have you had any luck?

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I had a similar problem with one of the LH-20A1P drives I had.
This was cured by updating the f/w.
Check yours to see if you’re upto date.
The latest is KLON.

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Your problem is that although the drive is Lite-On the f/w is third party.
Check with Gateway or whoever supplied your PC for any updates.
If you’re prepared to lose your warranty you could crossflash to Lite-On f/w.

Please excuse my absence, my computer has been down, but back-and ready but my pronlem is still occuring. I have the firmware update from, however it is KL05 not KL0N. The problem still exists. Another movie to add to the collection is Dodge Ball.

Any other ideas or possibly tell me where to get the correct firmware update.


I also went to Lite-On’s site to get updated firmware because of this exact same issue with the Family Guy season DVDs. Yes, the United States page has just KL05, but go to the Global page instead. In there you will indeed find KL0N, and it did fix my problem. Hope you have similar results.

Direct link to the latest firmware for the LH-20A1P drive:

Why are your using a burner to play movies???
Play it on your dvd player or get a cdrom to do the job
A burner is not designed to read disc efficiently cause it adds much lags and has incompatibility because its not designed to be a dvd player. I use a burner to burn disc and rarely for playing disc because it will cause wear and it sucks at reading anyway.

Some of my burned disc will not play at all on my nec burner 3550a but will play fine in dvdrom liteon 16p9s
if I want to rip movies, dvdrom does the job not burner because that thing ain’t design for ripping movies.
Why it takes a long time for a burner to recognize your disc? because it is trying to distinguish between a blank media and a burned media so it gets confused sometime
This causes it to not recognize the disc and freezes up your computer aka lockup.

My burner would lockup reading disc that are not well burned but with dvdrom I didn’t have this problems the worse is that it would give me error message.