Lite-On LH-20A1P wont scan CD-R with Kprobe

I just got this new Lite-On burner for the primary use of scanning my DVDs and CD-R with Kprobe. DVDs scan fine. But when a CD-R is inserted, and clicking the ‘go’ button in Kprobe it says ‘Done’ in 2 seconds and nothing is scanned.
I tried the ASPI and SPTI driver setting, both gave the same result, no scan.
I’m using ASPI version 4.71.2 with win2000. I’ve tried forseaspi to 4.6, but still no scanning of any CD-R.
Scanning with Nero’s CD-DVD-Speed works fine, but Kprobe should also work. It works with my other older Lite-On drive, why wouldn’t it work wit the LH-20A1P?
Any ideas?

Something similar was reported last year. See this thread. I don’t know if this “bug” was fixed and showed up again or if it’s been there all along since then.

Basically, though, scanning [B]CD[/B]'s with a LiteOn [B]DVD [/B]burner is not very useful because only a portion of the C1’s are reported- you get unrealistically low rates. If you still want to do this, use CD-Speed or try dropping back to an older version of KProbe as suggested in the link. CDRLabs keeps some of the older versions available.


Thanks, read that thread. I understand that Lite-On is bad in scanning CD-R’s now.
From my other opticaldrives (see sig.) which one is the best for scanning CD-R’s?

You can use the Optiarc AD-7170S, the NEC 3540A or the NEC 4550 for scanning CDs.