Lite-On LH-20A1P - Slow DVD-RAM burning

Hi everyone. I´ve been trying to burn maxell 5x MXL16 media at 5x but it tops at 2x. I´ve tried with the KL0M and KL0N firmware. Any ideas? Any help will be appreciated.

Verify on?

This will halve the burn speed as it verifys the burn as it goes.

Appart from that I have no idea as I dont use DVD-RAM.

it’s because DVD-RAMs do verify while writing, reducing the speed down to half, if you want to disable it while using CD-Speed, go to “File => Options => Standard Tests => Transfer rate” and put a Check in the “Streaming” check box, that will disable verifying during burning images on CD-Speed, dunno though how you can turn verify off in Windows, and that’s not recommended anyway.

here’s a shot of a 3x burn with streaming on, using a panasonic 2-3X DVD-RAM. using LH-18A1P. the speed would drop down to 1.2x if i were writing with verification, i.e. with streaming off, but that would be really unsafe, and would make a DVD-RAM become nothing different from a regular DVD-/+RW… it’s verification what makes DVD-RAM worth the price and the waiting :iagree: