Lite-On LH-20A1P / Ricoh D01 Media?



How well does the Lite-On LH-20A1P handle Ricohjpn D01 media is it any better than say the pioneers or other writers with this media.


More or less the same to my experience. Notice that 70% or maybe more of media with ricohjpn.D01 code is faked crap quality media from china. So you can’t sort this media by media code.


Well then the Datawrite Dual Layer Media how does it burn in this drive?



Do not have this media but I bet it would suck as I’m sure it’s shitty China media.


I know pinto2’s* media is branded MediaRange made in Germany, is it true this media is manufactured there?

  • Simple said my dad’s. Please don’t tell him.


They say so… But their quality is hard to specify, I think.


Thanks chef. :flower:


Doesnt look good with mediarange…

If not verbatim or TY, try cmc mag d04. :wink: