Lite-On LH-20A1L

Hello All,

This is my first post to the forum. So far it looks like a great place to get and share info. My question is pretty basic but I am doing some troubleshooting and I wanted to eliminate the drive as the problem. From what I can tell in device manager, it looks like XP has recognized the drive and all is well. My only reservation is the age of the Microsoft driver which is 2001. Is there a newer driver I should be using? I went to the lite-on site and they had a program that “flashed” the drive. Here is where I found the program. Not sure if this is a driver or what? Anyhow, I downloaded it and tried to run the program but it said my drive has the latest version which is BL06.

Below are some screenshots from device manager and the driver info. Anyone have any comments? Does everthing look ok?

What’s the problem? I have the same drive and it failed on me before, but after flashing with a new firmware I worked again.

BL06 is the firmware, not the driver.
2001 year is the most current date for the microsoft cd driver.
Everything looks great.