Lite-On LH-20A1L Woes




I just got a new LH-20A1L in the mail from Newegg and I’ve had nothing but problems with it. I joined the board because it seems you guys know a thing or two about these drives judging from the Google searches. I have an Asus M2N-SLI Deluxe motherboard running Nforce 570, which was the beginning of my problems. After a few hours of work I managed to get it to the point where my BIOS and Windows recognize the drive by updating to the latest Nforce drivers. I was happy. Reading media is fine, no problems there.

Then I encountered this (hopefully final) problem. I’ve installed Nero and am now trying to burn an ISO to a dual layer DVD, Verbatims. Whenever I insert blank media into the drive, Nero immediately stops responding for a period of about 30 seconds, and when I open my ISO it gives me an indefinite “waiting for drive to become ready” message. Once, it actually allowed me to start burning, but then promptly locked up. When I tried to close out of Nero after about a minute and a half, it finally came back and told me the burn process had started and failed (even though it started hanging before the lead-in.)

I’ve looked in my BIOS and everything is set to IDE, not RAID, but I’m not super comfortable with all my BIOS settings so it’s possible I missed something. I’m really wondering if this drive is more trouble than it’s worth and returning it to Newegg. Does anyone have any ideas on this thing?

EDIT: I’ve looked at my BIOS. I have the Serial ATA controller enabled and RAID disabled. The “JMicron RAID controller” is set to IDE (as opposed to RAID or AHCI).


Unfortunately many chipsets don’t work properly with optical drives. The Silicon Image 3112/3512/3114 chipset does work properly for optical drives, and you could get an adapter card with Silicon Image 3112/3512/3114 chipset or exchange this LiteOn for PATA model if you have IDE onboard.


Thank you bevills1, I’ll set up an exchange right away.


Oops, I left out SATA in first sentence of reply. I meant to say “Unfortunately many chipsets don’t work properly with [B]SATA[/B] optical drives” which is why PATA would be best choice for non Silicon image chipsets.