Lite-On LH-20A1L Lightscribe write issue, +2 other related questions

I’ve tried the BL02 (stock) and BL04 firmware. Neither can burn Lightscribe covers (even set to best quality and contrast enhanced) without faint rings in the output. Same Lightscribe cover prints fine on my old BenQ DW1655. The BenQ does a perfect job. Any advice?

Second question. How do you burn the same Lightscribe image to both drives at the same time? SureThing won’t allow multiple instances of the application to run and there’s no settings to allow for multiple burners. Is this a limitation of the Lightscribe drivers/technology? [I ask because I produce my band’s CDs using lightscribe covers and having 2 drives would definitely help speed up production time]

Last question. I can’t burn our audio in Nero using both drives, either one or both burns fail at some point in the process. I was hoping when I bought the SATA LiteOn that having one DVD burner on IDE and the other on SATA would allow for this. Is this a Nero issue?


Same results with DH-20A3H. Previously had some kind of Liteon 18x, the same problem. Also long time ago had Liteon 16x, that one was making labels without any rings. Still searching for a clue…

Edit: above is regarding the first question.