Lite-On LH-20A1L FiX for Ritek Media

Well this sucks. I have been all over these forums, and have seen nothing about a freaking firmware patch for the Lite-On LH-20A1L so that it does not have problems with RITEK media. Now I know that is the cheap stuff, but for the most part has always done me right.

Someone awhile back mentioned that the only fix they could do was to set the drive to PIO Mode in Linux. So I loaded up WinXP and Vista both, and went to my controllers and unchecked “Let Bios Select Transfer Mode” then pulled down to PIO MODE, hit apply and rebooted.

Now the drive reads and writes to this media perfect, and the speed drop is really not that bad (since I burn at low speeds anyways for DVD movies).

Now I have flashed this drive with the A02 and A04 firmware, nothing has made a difference.

Unless someone can point me to another way to either crossflash (and how to do it) or a proper firmware then guess this post is going to be be information for those who can use it.



Ritek media are at most part crap. Changing the drive to PIO mode only makes it burns at very low speed (2-3x) because the interface cannot sustain the transfer rate needed. This ( in theory ) makes the burns “better” ( ?? ) for some media ( not all because newer media are tunned to high speed burning ).

In your specific case: you can enable HT and OHT making the drive to learn about your media. This will make your drive burns better after each burn.

Enable HT and OHT using SMARTBURN-3.1.16t from Codeguys site.

Take a look at this posts

If your main problem is burn quality this can help you.

Thanks so much for the reply. Now call me Naive but am I supposed to run smartburn while burning disks, and reading them…or is it just to open up, check media and then close?

Thanks so much.

SmartBurn will work w/o a disc in there. Definitely don’t change any settings while the drive is operating (burning, reading, etc.)

  • Use Smartburn to set the parameters and close it.
  • Open your favorite burn software, create your compilation or burn a iso

Thats all. :bigsmile:

Don’t try to change parameters if the drive is in use.

RiTEK has many MIDs… what MID did you use :slight_smile:

Actually I just tossed my Lite-On LH-20A1L (SATA) kept my Plextor 755 (SATA) and went and purchased a Lite-ON LH-20A1P and downloaded the latest firmware which reads these Riteks, and even burns em CLEAN. In fact I just got done watching a movie I burned on this media and it went smooth as Silk on a DVD+R which btw the MID is “RITEK F16”. The only reason I insist on still using this stuff is they had 50 packs (DYNEX) of these at Best Buy for $5.99 and I grabbed up 10 packs of these. So I will keep em around for Data burns mainly.

I already went out and got some better media based on the guide posted on these forums.

Thanks again for all the info guys.