Lite-On LH 20A1L Burner Problem

Hi. I have a strange situation that I can’t figure out.

I have a Lite-On LH20A1L that has been flawless for the past 2 yrs. Now it will read pre-recorded dvd’s, but when I put a blank one in to burn, it does not see it. It keeps telling me to insert a blank disc. I have tried 3 different burning programs and got the same results…no disc? I have tried 2 different disc manufacturers, Maxell and Memorex and neither one is recognized.

I am running Win XP Pro version 2002 SP3. I have tried to do the XFlash, and it tells me I have the latest version, so I didn’t mess with it.

I don’t understand why it would recognize and play, but not recognize and burn?

Kinda new to this, so please be gentle with your advice. I’m not a techie! LOL

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me to solve this.

I’m afraid that your drive is dying. Modern burners do have a short lifespan. :sad:

The laser uses less power to read so it can do this longer than it can burn.
I agree the burner is dying.
Just to check Have you tried a burn with ImgBurn?
If you do post the ImgBurn log.
@ pepst , I think a modern burner can have a long lifespan. The real trick is to let the laser cool between burns. Minimum of 15 minutes & 30 is better. Reads don’t heat the laser near as much but it doesn’t hurt to allow a cool between a read & a burn .Unless you are ripping & burning on the fly. Something I don’t do myself.

The LH-20A1L is an old drive…time for newer one!