Lite-On LH-20A1H with f/w LL0A ATA and Verbatim Scans


Verbatim branded MCC 03RG20 DVD-R burned at 16x.
The Lite-On would not give me an option for 18x nor 20x.
This scan looks better than my scans on my Lite-On LH-20A1L SATA.


Bang on exactly the same as I got from my Verb MCC 03RG20s with this drive. Would be nice if the PI errors were a little lower, but it seems to be the same for all MCC (other than MCC003, which allows <10k).

Verbatim +R 16X

Made in Japan = Taiyo Yuden

Ring Code: [B]TH000021[/B]

Speed: 12X

Verbatim TY sucks!

I have more than 100 units and they are ALL worse than MCC004… :sad:

Errrm…what? I’d be happy with that. It’s not T02, remember :wink:

I’d be happy with that too! (provided that the nice scan isn’t contradicted by bad TRT or other bad tests).

But of course :wink:

Nothing wrong with that scan Mordorr it’s well within specs and as DrageMester said as long as it
isn’t contradicted by a bad TRT or other bad tests I’d be more than happy with it. Now as for saying
they are ALL worse than MCC004 all I can say is it looks a lot better than any of my MCC004 scans
do here lately. :sad:

Verbatim -R 16x
Burner Liteon LH-18A1P
Probably burned at 12x
Scanner Liteon LH-20A1P

Sorry Guys!

I did put my best scan…

Wait for this…


Its quiete diferent from this Ridisc -R8X

or this…

Even sometimes, Lite-On gives error on starting the Burn…

The Plextor refuses…

Sorry the OFF:

Defenily, TY2 is the best one…

I hear someone that Verbatim TY3 has some less quality layer…


I like MCC003 best for these drives - some cheap Rivisions are giving 10k total PIEs (average 0.56) and 100-150 total PIFs. You do need to force HT though, cos the default MCC strategies are awful (ten times as high PIEs, 20-40 times as many PIFs).


I burned at 16x.
I scanned at 4x.
I am using Verbatim branded DVD-R



Here is a TRT and Quality Scan of non-LightScribe Verbatim MCC 004 burned @16x.


while this burner is great on write once media I find this particular firmware (0A) fails to burn +RW media. Using 07 firmware makes +RW possible but the scan results are close to horrible.

I hope Liteon is releasing a better firmware

anyone similar experiences?

Hi Bronco04,

I plan to test a Verbatim 8x DVD+RW later…



Here they are! Verbatim 8x DVD+RW scans…


yep, post your scan here :slight_smile:

wow, LL0A works with Verbatim 8x +RW? - looks great!

Ok, got my Verbatim 8x +RW …first time write - works great!
Backup time down to 6 minutes

Congrats Bronco04,


Thanks to [U]you[/U] for the tip! :iagree:
My Sony +RWs are all in the bin.