Lite-On LH-20A1H (I/O Error) Help!



Well, another Lite-On, same problem.

Before, it was LH-18A1P (FW GL0F), now the LH-20A1H (FW LL06), anything I say from here on in, can relate to both of those burners.

First burn after installing it, FAILED, I/O Error. Then, 17 burns in a row, nothing but success, I was feeling happy. Then, I/O Error again & again, then a few good ones, and I/O Error to follow.

The I/O Error happens at various points.

I’ve tested numerous IDE cables, put both burners into external cases, using firewire (prolific), still, same problem.

After the I/O Error, ImgBurn, just finalizes the DVD & that’s it.

From their 4x to 16x models, I had nothing but success…sigh.

Here’s a print out of the I/O Error, followed by 2 burns, 1 @ 16x & the 2nd @ 18x.

Just tell me, is this I/O Error normal now-a-days with Lite-On? If it is, should I just get myself an 18x Samsung (I already have the newest Optiarc & LG drives, love’em both).


I bought LH-18A1H and got same problem, tried everything, nothing help. Then RMA the drive and this second drive so far ok.


I/O error usually happens because of a bad ide cable, try changing the ide cable and see if it helps.


Thank you for trying to help, but please read the whole thing…

btw, welcome to the forum’s jorles, and yup, I’m gonna just RMA it, NewEgg has always been easy going about that sorta thing.