Lite-On LH-18A1P small reading glitch

I know this is pretty trivial, but here goes.

On the transfer rate test, the read speed dips down slightly. Happens on any dvd recordable, whether +r or -r, and even discs burnt on other drives. When burning it doesn’t slow down in that spot, and I just tried a dvd-rom pressed (PS2 game) and it read through it fine! I re-seated the drive, changed screw positions…moved it around a bit incase it may have been dust - I think there was a slight improvement but I can’t fully cure it.

Here’s a link to the first time I noticed the problem, then the attatched image to this post is how it’s looking currently after I messed with the drive to try relieve it.

The drive is a few days old! No doubt seems to small of an issue for RMA…but this is bugging me :stuck_out_tongue:

Just received my 18A1P today.

Have the same read glitch.

My reading glitch seems to be large.

Verbatim 16x mcc004MII burned 18x in a Samsung 182D.

Read fine in a Philips 1648P1.

Can other menbers confirm this problem.

Intalled GL0B and problem have vanished.

A bug in GL0C?

I returned my drive, the store did a quick test to verify and they gave me a new one :o doesn’t happen on GL0C for me anymore.

Flashed back to GL0C and problem gone.

The reading glitch seems to be related to the flash.