Lite-On LH-18A1P - Post your scans here

Miflop DVD+R 16x @ 18x
YUDEN000 T03
Burning time: 5m:16s

Miflop DVD-R 16x @ 18x
Burning time: 5m:22s

Can we have a review on the drive please. Thanks

Hello Jan,

short question: Did you get your drive in Germany ?

I looked for it at any online-store I knew, but couldn`t find it.

A guy at the German Lite-On Hotline told me, the LH-18A1P will not be available here before end of october… :sad:



Both this and the new BD SATA burners are listed for taiwan, check this out:



Wow. Beautiful PIF, but awful PIE.
At least LiteOn finally optimized their strategies for 16x Taiyo Yuden.

When Lite- on has new firmware out could samsung 182 cross fiash be possible.

Looks good. Does it support the advanced tests (Beta, Jitter, TE/FE) with DVDScan?


i don’t think it’s possible. both drives share the same chipset, but that isn’t enough for the firmware to work.

would be silly if it doesn’t.

Could the samsung and lite-on share more than just the same chipset?

i don’t think they do, but they have to be the exact same drives (hardwarewise) to allow crossflashing.
ok, there are some exceptions like the liteon 451s which can be upgraded to 832s, but that’s not comparable with these new drives.

we need a full review of every mechanical part to be sure…

Could they be the same drives from the same factory in China? Just sold under different names.

And how would that info give any advance?

neither the previous mediatek based samsung nor the new mtk based samung were liteon rebadges.
the samsung is [B]not[/B] a liteon.
hope that aswers your questions.

Isn’t Mediatek = MTK?

Verbatim DVD-R 16x @ 16x
MCC 03RG20
Burning time: 6m:02s

Maxell DVD-RAM 12x @ 12x
Burning time: 5m:47s

Hi Demian,

The drive was provided by Lite-On for our evaluation/testing purpose.

So it could be that the drive will be available in Germany in October.

Nice thread.

A little disappointed though that the 20x Liteons wouldn’t be out so soon.

yes, it is. i just didn’t want to write it out as i mentioned it in the same line.

also waiting for the 20x writers to appear, but liteys arrive late in germany…