Lite-On LH-18A1P , burning issues on TYG02?

ok first off i dont have this burner as im posting this picture from someone who sent it to me on AIM (Aol instant messenger) … but anyways, the problem is, is he cant burn TY (TYG02) 8x dvd-r’s on his Lite-On 18A1P burner (he has no other discs to test since i told em to buy these disc’s from since there top grade) his burner has newest firmware (i told em to download and flash) which is “GL0G” … but this happends when he attempts to burn with ImgBurn v2.3.0.0 (he’s burning a .iso file) and it gave this error screen…

so does this mean the drive is bad and he needs a new one (he just recently bought this dvd burner) … if it is bad is there any dvd burners you guys recommend that are say no more than about 40 dollars on

p.s. i dont know what mobo he has etc… but i think tomorrow he’s going to try the drive in another pc and see what happends.

thanks for everyones time and advice :wink:

Defrag his hard drive before trying to burn another TYG02 disc. Make sure he’s using a 80 wire ide cable with his drive which will put the drive in udma 4 mode. Get a Pioneer 710 drive (which is a retail Pioneer 111) from Fry’s electronics for $29.99 after rebates or buy a Pioneer 112 from Newegg when it’s instock again. Or buy a Samsung 183L or LG h42n from Newegg.

My LiteOn LH-20A1P which is the same hardware I think, burns TYG02 just fine with KL0G firmware (the latest firmware). So there’s something wrong with the drive, with the batch of media, with that particular disc, with cabling, or with the power supply.

If your friend isn’t already using an 80-wire IDE cable then he should switch to using that. Defragging his harddrive is not going to make this particular problem go away.

Do the same discs work in other drives? Can the same drive burn other discs (he could buy a few just for testing)?

thanks for both of your replys it’s helpfull.

@ dragemaster … i dont think it’s a single disc cause he said he tried to burn roughly 2-3 (i think) and i think they errored out in different ways, he tried using alcohol 120 (according to him he thinks that version was from 2004 that he used to burn the TYG02) and it sounded like it started burning but messed up durring burn etc (i dont know details but it’s something like this from what i could understand from what he told me) … but as for disc working in other drives i aint sure if he has access to other drives since he just very recently got this dvd burner so he can backup his ps2 games etc etc to dvd’s… ill have to ask him if he’s using a 80-wire IDE cable though… and i could ask him if it’s possible for him to buy another brand disc or two for testing in his burner but i aint sure if he will do it… but i see what you mean though (your just trying to narrow down the problem) :wink:

i did tell him to try the drive in another pc (before posting the topic here) which i think he said he was going to do after he got home from work tonite… so if it works then it has to be something related to that particular pc most likely right?

also i aint sure what watt his PSU is but i think he did build the pc a while back but im not 100percent sure on that… is the odds of the PSU being at fault rather low?

ill keep you guys posted as to what happens tonite when i talk to him.

well i guess he’s going to return the drive as a dead drive and get his money back and buy another lite-on, if this one dies he said he’s never getting lite-on again. lol. (me thats pretty much all i been buying myself since the year 2002 or so is 1 cd-rw (lite-on 24102b, which still burns good to this day) drive and more recently (2005) a lite-on 1673s burner which is still going strong)

but anyways, as for the testing it looks like he just said screw it cause he tried the drive on another pc (which was freshly formatted) and he said it still seems to act up… so overall i dont think he really wants to bother with it… so he’s just gonna return it and get money back and then order another one.

sorry for starting this thread as it seems like it was rather pointless of me to do so. :frowning:

but thanks for everyones time.

p.s. if he gets another one and has issues again ill probably post in this topic and see what else you guys can suggest.

My 1st one (18A1P) was DOA then i ordered a 20A1P and sent it back too. Now i’m on my 3rd (20A1P) and it works great! 3rd drives a charm i guess :doh:

yeah don’t start another thread :wink: just kidding :slight_smile:

@ rolling56 … damn! talk about bad luck lol … like i said before i always used lite-ons since 2002 (even though i only had two total… lite-on 24102b cd-rw drive (2002) and a lite-on 1673S dvd burner (2005) ) and they work great to this day… so obviously im a big lite-on fan cause i think there hard to bear for there price and general burning/reading abilities, and even firmware mods and even they can be rivived from a bad firmware flash to (i never had a bad firmware flash myself though)

thanks for the info ill let that guy know about that when i talk to him next time :wink:

ok this is a old thread now… but it was the dvd burner that caused his problems with those discs… after they sent em a replacement drive his burner works good now but he has problems on his pc keeping the dvd burner into DMA mode instead of PIO mode which is basically killing his burning quality and killing his burning times.

but i dont think he cares overall as long as the discs work… cause he made a couple of backup copies from his PS2 discs and so far he said there working good.

here is a scan and as im sure you guys already know this is fairly bad … i think he was only burning at around 3MB/s ish if i recall correctly cause of the PIO mode crap.