Lite-on LH-18A1P and TYG03



Hi all, i have the Lite-on LH18A1P drive that works fine with smartwrite/hyper-tuning (drive led blinks 2 and pause 1) but strangely with Verbatim 16x made in japan mid code: TYG03 doesn’t seem to works.
Burning with that Taiyo Yuden the drive led blink 1 and pause 1 when write: this is normal writing without hyper-tuning.
With all other mid i’ve burned like: TTH02, DAXON16S, and MCC 03RG20 is all ok.
So the question is, why smartwrite is not active in burning TYG03?
There’s a something to do/tricks I can try?
Any help would be great! Thanks.


I am having the same problem with T03 of Verbatim (made in Japan) and TDK. No problem with Verbatim T02, MCC 003, MCC03RG20, Daxon AZ2.


There’s nothing you can do about this, it’s locked in firmware. See:




Thanks Cressida.